The LimerickA limerick for those in class, Requires some thought to pass. At first it seems tough, Which can be quite rough, But reading them is quite a gas. The VeganWhen eating a pig is a sin, A vegan will press to the end. They scream and they press, But never depressed, They eat day-to-day for the “win”! Sergeant I once got sent to my house. A life as a dog, not a louse. The rain comes and goes, And everyone knows, That man’s best friend is a rouse! Partner in CrimeA partner through thick and thin, Becomes like some dust in the wind. If one does embrace, A love to be faced, Then all will come out in the end.

Teacher Learning Cast (TLC) #24: Instructional-Learning Episodes (TBL)

TLC SocialsPiry HerreraBenjamin L. StewartFacebook | TLC playlist | TLC Classroom Instructional-Learning Episodes (Task-based Learning) In this episode I share a teaching and learning experience from last week in terms of task-based learning.  Eight different instructional-learning episodes are also covered in our discussions.
How do you currently implement task-based learning in your teaching practice?

Teacher Learning Cast (TLC) #23: Different Models of Teacher Reflection

TLC SocialsPiry HerreraBenjamin L. StewartFacebook | TLC playlist | TLC Classroom Different Models of Teacher ReflectionDeliberate practice Becoming a Reflective Teacher Deliberate practice differs from the prior view of practice… that working at a skill until one reaches automaticity… because individuals engage in deliberate practice tend to resist automaticity (p. 6). Whereas flow experiences are motivating and pleasant (from Mihaly Csikszentmihaly), “deliberate practice requires effort and is not inherently enjoyable (p. 6). Deliberate practice takes a large amount of time… is acquired over a very long period of time… at least a decade… the “10-year rule” (p. 7). John Carroll (1963)... considers reflective practice an interplay between aptitude (how long it
takes a person to learn something), perseverance (how long a person is willing to spend with a subject, and opportunity (how much time a person is allowed for learning something (p. 7). The lesson study model: a group of teachers (us…

Teacher Learning Cast (TLC) #22: Teachers as Reflective Practioners

TLC SocialsPiry HerreraBenjamin L. StewartFacebook | TLC playlist | TLC Classroom Teachers as Reflective PractitionersReflective Practitioner Diagram Educational Philosophy Participatory Action Research PAR practitioners make a concerted effort to integrate three basic aspects of their work: participation (life in society and democracy), action (engagement with experience and history), and research (soundness in thought and the growth of knowledge).[2] "Action unites, organically, with research" and collective processes of self-investigation.[ Participatory Reflection and Action Methods How do methods of inquiry relate to the reflective practitioner teacher?

Teacher Learning Cast (TLC) #21: Flow in the Classroom

TLC SocialsPiry HerreraBenjamin L. StewartFacebook | TLC playlist | TLC Classroom Establishing Flow in the Classroom In this episode we discuss aspects of flow and working in one's comfort zone.

Can One Be Open and Honest If Ideas Must First Go Through an Editor?

Philosophical Analysis In the above video, My Reaction to the Kavanaugh Hearings || Mayim Bialik, Mayim lists various points about the Kavanaugh hearings.  One of the main purposes of this channel seems to be for Mayim to express freely her ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. to the public.  At 1:49, she posts the heading, My editor made me remove Point #2 - with no further explanation (at the time of this writing). The following philosophical analysis relates to what this statement means within this particular linguistic context (#linguistics, #sociolinguistics).
Having an editor remove "point #2" means that the editor must then approve all other points shared in this video as well as any ideas expressed in all prior videos.  Perhaps Mayim has disclosed who this editor is and their relationship, but it is not clear if one simply refers to this one video. It could also mean that Mayim plans to disclose point #2 at a later date, after the need of having an editor is no longer wa…

Mexico Cookbook (Propaedeutic Groups)

Mexican CookbookPermalink

The above cookbook was a task that was assigned and completed between September 24-28, 2018.